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The following words opened a chapter in the book Bullock Tracks and Bitumen,by Stuart Nicol

I was driving towards Hammond... which was lost in a brown haze somewhere ahead along a potholed gravel road.
The dust grew thicker, hiding bare brown paddocks. With startling swiftness we were in semi-darkness Even the edge of the road was invisible�
Another dense cloud, another wait; then on again through the half light; past stony fields, empty and lifeless;
Past a kangaroo skeleton picked clean by crows; past a narrow sparse line of scrub and saltbush, half-hidden in the haze, low and grey and covered in fine white dust.
At last the car rolled slowly in the wide main street of Hammond
Half a dozen miserable sheep, huddled beside the road, scampered off at the sight of a motor car and left a trail of dust behind them�

The following excerpt is from "The Story of the Flinders Ranges" by Hans Mincham 1965

In his rough Log Flinders Wrote: (on climbing Mt Brown)
The view from the summint did not furnish any lakes or bays to the eastward, but a dead, uninteresting, flat country everywhere presented itself.....
The "Dead, Uninteresting, Flat country" that Flinders & Brown saw on the other side of the range was the Willochra Plain,
which is about sixty miles long, and in some places about 20 miles wide.
This is really a large inter-range basin, by far the largest of the many areas of the kind that occur in these highlands.
much of its extensive floor lies a thousand feet higher than the coastal plain.

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